Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Are Going To The Farm

Shoba Mano with Ms Phoebe Cates, Ann with Joy the Dr Dog program Mascot and Paul, the person running Doctor Dog Program in Malaysia together with Sabrina.

When I was participating in the Living With Ika, Serena C and Pietro competition, I had the chance to meet remarkable individuals who are actively supporting an animal shelter, The Furry Farm Friends and even introduced me to it's founder. These remarkable individuals are Shoba Mano & her husband, Joshua and the founder of the animal shelter is none other than Sabrina Yeap.

The Furry Friends Farm is situated in Kundang and they are the introducer of Doctor Dog Program in Malaysia with the co-operation of it's original founder, Jill Robinson. Doctor Doc Program was designed for people like us to have our dogs evaluated for their temperament and those who passed are invited to bring their dogs to outings at orphanages as well as old folk's homes. These dogs then act their part as healers to bring out some cheer and happiness in the people that they attended to. It's surprising that most of the times, these dogs are able to reach out to these people where we humans had failed.

Drunasty has signed up Suki, Hemmy and Magic to undergo the exam at the end of this month. We are very sure that our dogs will be very valuable to this program as they have been doing their part as healers under visits organised by an online web community called LovDog.

This coming Sunday, a group of us animal lovers will be making our way to Kundang to have a brunch at the farm. Those with dogs are invited to take them along provided their dogs had their regular vaccination and of good temperament.

We encourage other animal lovers to join us this Sunday morning by contacting us via e-mail at for instructions. Let's do our part by supporting the local animal shelters.

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