Friday, August 24, 2007

New Family Members

It was around midnight on 17th. August, when Cris, my partner at Drunasty Kennel, called to inform me that Suki was going into labor. Cris, the ever attentive "mother" was hysterical with concern even though Suki has gone thru this 4 times before. "Come now, Suki is going to give birth soon!" was what she shouted into my ears. Unfortunately, I was not feeling as perky as my normal self as I had about 8 glasses of wine during dinner that night. I managed to assured her that I'll be there as soon as I had taken a bath in order to keep myself awake.
When I got to the house, all lights were on and the dogs barking in excitement. Misty, the other grand lady of the house was placed on top of the grooming table so that she will not interrupt us. Misty is due any day and it was her 1st pregnancy. She watched us with full curiosity but did not make any sound.
Traciamon Mooncatcher aka Suki at 5 weeks pregnant, Multiple Best Of Breed Winner, Malaysian Champion

Suki, gave birth to the 1st baby around 1.20am and the 5th. (last one) around 4.30am, taking her time to lick each baby clean as well as chewing the umbilical cord to sever it from the placenta. Over and over again Cris was overcome with the desire to help Suki as she thought that Suki was getting too tired to perform the whole ritual.Suki Smiling. This is the most endearing part of Suki. She's always smiling and ready to pose for the camera!

Suki, the champion that she is, gave us 3 beautiful females and 2 males which we named as follows:
Drunasty Drop Dead Gorgeous (Female)
Drunasty Divine Destiny (Female)
Drunasty Dainty Deity (Female)
Drunasty Dancing Duke (Male)
Drunasty Dark Knight (Male)

Suki Feeding Her Babies

The 5 babies at 2 days old

All went well and by 5.30am both of us were feeling very tired and seeing that Suki has settled in comfortably with her babies, Cris and me made our way towards the couch for a nap. Around 8am I made my way back home as I have 10 hungry mouths to feed. Phoebe was anxious waiting for me at the door so as Sirius Black and Boy Boy. The two tortoises were swimming noisily, the birds chirping loudly and the two fishes swimming in circles waiting for their feed. After feeding them, I continued to clean the house, sweeping, mopping and cleaning the two toilets. After my bath I settled down to update my websites and designed my poster for the recent Dogathon that took place at UPM Serdang on 12th August.

Drunasty Xavier Selfridge, aka Misty at 5 weeks pregnant still won the Reserve Best Of Group title at the recent dog show in Ipoh, Perak. Misty had earlier won the Best Intermediate in Group title at the MKA Dog Show in KL. She's a real Malaysian Champion and very proud of her title.

That attentive look coupled with her eagerness to please captured many hearts among judges and spectators alike at every dog show.

Without realising I had worked all through the night and feeling tired I slept around 3am. I woke up at 9am the next day with 8 messages on my mobile and 12 missed calls from Cris and my cousin in law, Justin, who is a vet. Panic took over me as I thought that something bad had happened to Suki's babies while I slept. I quickly called Cris and found out that Misty had gone into labor around 7am and had delivered 4 babies altogether. Cris was frantically calling me because she had thought that Misty was not able to go through the delivery on her own. Poor Cris! I rushed to the toilet, took my bath and upon reaching the house, Misty was asleep with
her babies.
Misty feeding her babies. She's a very good mother, seldom leaving them except to attend to her toilet needs. Well done Misty.

Misty's Handsome Boys Are Destined To Take After Their Mother In The Show Ring (1 day old)
4 handsome boys she gave us and we named them Drunasty All For Glory, Drunasty Always A Winner, Drunasty A Star Is Born and Drunasty A True Masterpiece.

All 9 babies are in good health with their mommies looking after them 24/7. Both are very protective over their litter and will bark at the rest of the dogs trying to have a sneak peek at the new arrival. For those interested to own a champion line Silky Terrier, kindly enquire about our litter by getting in touch with us at Drunasty Kennel at:

Call: +6016-3611401
SMS: +6012-3358969

Our show, breed and pet quality litter will be available in Nov 07. Puppies will leave Drunasty for their new home complete with 1st vaccination, de-wormed and a copy of basic puppy grooming kit.
We also provide basic grooming and show dog handling class to those interested.

Here are the rest of the photos taken of them.

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