Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Are Going To The Farm

Shoba Mano with Ms Phoebe Cates, Ann with Joy the Dr Dog program Mascot and Paul, the person running Doctor Dog Program in Malaysia together with Sabrina.

When I was participating in the Living With Ika, Serena C and Pietro competition, I had the chance to meet remarkable individuals who are actively supporting an animal shelter, The Furry Farm Friends and even introduced me to it's founder. These remarkable individuals are Shoba Mano & her husband, Joshua and the founder of the animal shelter is none other than Sabrina Yeap.

The Furry Friends Farm is situated in Kundang and they are the introducer of Doctor Dog Program in Malaysia with the co-operation of it's original founder, Jill Robinson. Doctor Doc Program was designed for people like us to have our dogs evaluated for their temperament and those who passed are invited to bring their dogs to outings at orphanages as well as old folk's homes. These dogs then act their part as healers to bring out some cheer and happiness in the people that they attended to. It's surprising that most of the times, these dogs are able to reach out to these people where we humans had failed.

Drunasty has signed up Suki, Hemmy and Magic to undergo the exam at the end of this month. We are very sure that our dogs will be very valuable to this program as they have been doing their part as healers under visits organised by an online web community called LovDog.

This coming Sunday, a group of us animal lovers will be making our way to Kundang to have a brunch at the farm. Those with dogs are invited to take them along provided their dogs had their regular vaccination and of good temperament.

We encourage other animal lovers to join us this Sunday morning by contacting us via e-mail at for instructions. Let's do our part by supporting the local animal shelters.

9 Puppies - The Pride of Drunasty Kennel

Two Mothers, Suki & Misty

9 Puppies

Looking Very Cuddly

Our babies are now about 2 months old and they are such an adorable bunch. Active little furry angels who will play among each other without ever getting tired. All of them have been micro-chipped and going for their 2nd vaccination this coming weekend.

I Want My Breakfast Please....

Sleepy After Eating

Gone Off To Dreamworld...

I'm Not A Lazy Brat, I'm Just Busy Chasing Rats!

Being champion line litters, all of them are showing great potential to do well in the show ring just like their parents. They are very attentive and they free stack beautifully.

Look At Me, I'm Standing!

Mommy Said I Stack Beautifully!

Lick My Face, Mommy!

We are patiently waiting for them to be slightly bigger in order to start training them. As for now, we are just observing they way they interact, their walk & run as well as teaching them proper instructions like "No", "Sit" and "Stay". We just want them to get used to these basic instructions so that it will be easier for us to train them in the future.

Looking Guilty After Being Caught In The Act Biting The Basket.

A Pose For The Camera

Take Turns Playing In The Basket!

Hey You!

All of them are blessed with very attentive and bright eyed expressions, something that we are truly thankful for as we recently saw a few pups on sale at one of the pet stores that had these sorrowful look about them.

The Smile That Stole Our Hearts!

No, You Cannot Come Out!

At home we made sure that all of them are truly loved and cared for. No favoritism practiced as we want them to have a fair treatment. They have been handled by us since young and they truly love the "human touch". They will lie still with eyes half closed whenever we pet them in our laps. What a bliss to have them lying quiet instead of running around chasing after each other!

Just Feels As Though It Was Only Yesterday That They Were Born.

We pray that their new owners will treat them kindly and shower them with as much or more love than what they are getting at present from us. It would be a sad day to see them go but on a brighter note, we know that they will keep their new owners very happy and well entertained.

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Family Members

It was around midnight on 17th. August, when Cris, my partner at Drunasty Kennel, called to inform me that Suki was going into labor. Cris, the ever attentive "mother" was hysterical with concern even though Suki has gone thru this 4 times before. "Come now, Suki is going to give birth soon!" was what she shouted into my ears. Unfortunately, I was not feeling as perky as my normal self as I had about 8 glasses of wine during dinner that night. I managed to assured her that I'll be there as soon as I had taken a bath in order to keep myself awake.
When I got to the house, all lights were on and the dogs barking in excitement. Misty, the other grand lady of the house was placed on top of the grooming table so that she will not interrupt us. Misty is due any day and it was her 1st pregnancy. She watched us with full curiosity but did not make any sound.
Traciamon Mooncatcher aka Suki at 5 weeks pregnant, Multiple Best Of Breed Winner, Malaysian Champion

Suki, gave birth to the 1st baby around 1.20am and the 5th. (last one) around 4.30am, taking her time to lick each baby clean as well as chewing the umbilical cord to sever it from the placenta. Over and over again Cris was overcome with the desire to help Suki as she thought that Suki was getting too tired to perform the whole ritual.Suki Smiling. This is the most endearing part of Suki. She's always smiling and ready to pose for the camera!

Suki, the champion that she is, gave us 3 beautiful females and 2 males which we named as follows:
Drunasty Drop Dead Gorgeous (Female)
Drunasty Divine Destiny (Female)
Drunasty Dainty Deity (Female)
Drunasty Dancing Duke (Male)
Drunasty Dark Knight (Male)

Suki Feeding Her Babies

The 5 babies at 2 days old

All went well and by 5.30am both of us were feeling very tired and seeing that Suki has settled in comfortably with her babies, Cris and me made our way towards the couch for a nap. Around 8am I made my way back home as I have 10 hungry mouths to feed. Phoebe was anxious waiting for me at the door so as Sirius Black and Boy Boy. The two tortoises were swimming noisily, the birds chirping loudly and the two fishes swimming in circles waiting for their feed. After feeding them, I continued to clean the house, sweeping, mopping and cleaning the two toilets. After my bath I settled down to update my websites and designed my poster for the recent Dogathon that took place at UPM Serdang on 12th August.

Drunasty Xavier Selfridge, aka Misty at 5 weeks pregnant still won the Reserve Best Of Group title at the recent dog show in Ipoh, Perak. Misty had earlier won the Best Intermediate in Group title at the MKA Dog Show in KL. She's a real Malaysian Champion and very proud of her title.

That attentive look coupled with her eagerness to please captured many hearts among judges and spectators alike at every dog show.

Without realising I had worked all through the night and feeling tired I slept around 3am. I woke up at 9am the next day with 8 messages on my mobile and 12 missed calls from Cris and my cousin in law, Justin, who is a vet. Panic took over me as I thought that something bad had happened to Suki's babies while I slept. I quickly called Cris and found out that Misty had gone into labor around 7am and had delivered 4 babies altogether. Cris was frantically calling me because she had thought that Misty was not able to go through the delivery on her own. Poor Cris! I rushed to the toilet, took my bath and upon reaching the house, Misty was asleep with
her babies.
Misty feeding her babies. She's a very good mother, seldom leaving them except to attend to her toilet needs. Well done Misty.

Misty's Handsome Boys Are Destined To Take After Their Mother In The Show Ring (1 day old)
4 handsome boys she gave us and we named them Drunasty All For Glory, Drunasty Always A Winner, Drunasty A Star Is Born and Drunasty A True Masterpiece.

All 9 babies are in good health with their mommies looking after them 24/7. Both are very protective over their litter and will bark at the rest of the dogs trying to have a sneak peek at the new arrival. For those interested to own a champion line Silky Terrier, kindly enquire about our litter by getting in touch with us at Drunasty Kennel at:

Call: +6016-3611401
SMS: +6012-3358969

Our show, breed and pet quality litter will be available in Nov 07. Puppies will leave Drunasty for their new home complete with 1st vaccination, de-wormed and a copy of basic puppy grooming kit.
We also provide basic grooming and show dog handling class to those interested.

Here are the rest of the photos taken of them.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dogathon 2007, Bukit Expo, UPM Serdang, 12th August 2007

It was that time of the year where the veterinary students of UPM (University Putra of Malaysia) organise a huge event known as Dogathon for the benefits of dog owners and their canine babies to participate in competitions as well as socializing among each other.

This year's slogan, "A Loyal Dog is A Royal Dog" brings about an understanding of how much our dogs tried their ultimate best to be our companion and best friend and therefore should be treated royally by their owners.

This is exceptionally true as our dog will grandly be by our side no matter how bad we look, lick our lips despite our bad breath, defend us with his life even at the expense of it's own and there are few who actually followed their owners to the grave due to being heartbroken over their loss. There are no words to describe their loyalty. Only a true dog lover will understand the bond that exist between man and beast.

Again, this year's event was sponsored by Pedigree who not only provided us with great goody bags upon submitting our names at the registration counter, they also had a station specially manned by professionals who could not only explain the benefits of their products, also created an opportunity for dog owners to purchase their products at a promotional rate. Thank you Pedigree.

Pedigree's Technical Service Manager, Dr. Susan was asked on many occasions on how she maintained her dog, Ebony's black shiny coat. Although at an elderly age of 11years old, Ebony has a shiny midnight black coat and very beautiful to look at. No matter what's the secret, one of it must be because of the diet that she's on. Ebony is fed on Pedigree products ranging from the dry kibbles, canned as well as Cesar's range of indulgence wet food and the healthy tricks like DentaStixs. Dr. Susan had recently adopted another dog, MuMu from the Independent Pet Rescuers and although still a little shy, MuMu had many admirers due to her beautiful markings and shiny coat. Here are a few photos of both Ebony and MuMu taken on that day.

Pretty Paws & Doggie Ribbons together with Drunasty Kennel were demonstrating basic grooming techniques to the public in co-operation with the good people at Pedigree who has been kind enough to allocate us two slots for the demo. Everything went very smoothly and with the support shown by them as well as the members of LovDog online community, who braved the sun and rain to be with us at Bukit Expo, we did quite well.

Sweetie, a Siberian Husky was also a star on that day. Sweetie celebrated her 1st birthday and her mom and dad prepared a special birthday cake for her made of organic wholemeal flour & Nestum as base, low fat cream cheese for fillings and low fat cheddar cheese and fresh strawberries to decorate the cake.

Sweetie was so appreciative of the fuss made by her parents and she showed them her appreciation by eating up everything placed in her bowl. Sweetie was certainly treated ROYALLY by her parents and she certainly deserved it.

The same goes to the rest of the dogs who attended Sweetie's birthday party. Each and every one was so thankful that their Auntie Esther had actually prepared a lavish spread especially for them. The table was laden with bowls of homemade treats. At one point I was so envious of the dogs because they got to choose between delicious birthday cake, meat patties, egg, chicken and chess balls, tuna veg as well as mini franks, where else we, the humans, only got to eat Domino Pizza. Unfair! Nevertheless, everyone had a great time because it is always a joy to get together once in a while to share stories about our dogs.

We would like to thank our grooming models on that day, Chico & Snow, two beautiful Siberian Huskies, Nikki, the Silky Terrier and last but not

least, Meow Meow, a Shih Tzu mixed Pekingese, who braved the midday heat, standing patiently on the grooming table waiting for the demo session to be over. Thank you much for your patience so that Auntie Ann could brush and in Meow Meow's case, included tying the topknot too!

We met many new friends and despite having a good time, we had to leave the place early as the rain was coming in like cats and dogs. We bid everyone farewell with renewed vows to meet again in next year's event. To all dog lovers out there who were at out demo, thank you very much for your support and till next year, take care and love your dogs as much as they love you!

The rest of the doggie friends whom we met on that day were:

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