Friday, April 13, 2007

Benefits Of Having A Pet

Dogs and cats hold a very special place in the hearts of millions in this world.
Dogs and owners can do so much together - go for walks, play games or simply share a quiet snooze in the sun. As for cats and their owners, both enjoy an unspeakable bond that gives so much contentment when the owner and the cat plays together. Research has also shown that owning a pet can have measurable health benefits.International research has shown that adults and children are more relaxed in the presence of a friendly dog or cat and that pet owners suffer less minor health problems such as headaches, backaches, colds and flue, insomnia and general tiredness than non pet owners.

Medical research in Australia has found that pet owners have a lower risk of heart attack, having lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lower triglyceride fats in their blood than non pet owners.

When obtaining a dog or cat, a particular attention should be paid to the type or breed of the animal with respect to the size of your yard, the amount of exercise the dog will receive and the amount of time available for grooming (in the case of long haired dogs and cats).

Nevertheless, be rest assured that your four legged friend with provide you with everlasting devotion. No matter how bad you look in the morning, your pet will always greet you with a lick on the face or a rub at your legs. No matter how much you smell, they will still love you the same. If only humans can behave more like them...

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