Monday, April 16, 2007

Miss Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates - she was this sweet smiling actress that has an aura of innocence about her – something that really appealed to the guys in my hometown way back then. She was the number 1 sought after wall poster for so many years and until today, my friends can still talk about her captivating smile endlessly.

So when my little brother Raymond called me to inform that he’s coming over with an adopted Silky Terrier named Phoebe, I wondered whether she’ll be as drop dead gorgeous as Ms Phoebe Cates. I waited patiently and my anticipation was greatly rewarded. Phoebe the Silky Terrier is not only a beautiful petite female dog with a beautiful smiling face, she’s also very perky and energetic. Phoebe is always dashing around the house but not without stopping by my side to get a pat on her head or a hug. Unfortunate the previous owner was unable to maintain her beautiful glistering coat and did the most unthinkable act by asking a groomer to actually shave her down. A shameful waste actually, as Silky Terriers are truly known for their beautiful coat.

Instead of being disheartened by her odd looking appearance, I did a quick inspection on her skin condition and found out that she has rashes on her back as well on her undersides. Phoebe was not used to being handled so much as her previous owner actually kept her in a very small cage most of the time. She was trying to wriggle herself out of my grip when I realized that she had a few ticks on her as well. It was no longer something fun as I have 2 other cats, Ah Boy, my 14 year old American Shorthair mixed Persian and Sirius Black, a local that I rescued from drowning 3 years back. I quickly drove to House of Groomers at SS15, the Grooming Academy that I was suppose to join and ask them to do complete grooming on Phoebe plus a tick wash. I must say that they did a good job as Phoebe came out looking good (thanks Candy) after two hours with them. My future grooming instructor, Ms Annie Goh then told me that I should find out about Phoebe’s diet as well as medical records. In order to control the rashes breakout, Ms. Annie suggested that I change her diet to Canidae and asked me to apply Vetz Choice cream on the affected areas on the body. I was also told to put Phoebe on Frontline in order to keep her ticks & fleas problem at bay.

As for growing her hair at a faster rate than normal, she advised that I actually brush Phoebe on a daily basis as well as adding Primrose Oil formulated for animals into her diet everyday. She also introduced the Chris Christensen Day to Day Moisturising Shampoo Introduction Kit for me to use on Phoebe as they can help in promoting good hair growth. All these seem to take place so long ago but in actual fact it took place only last July.

Today after nearly 6 months of looking after Phoebe religiously, she has grown into a very beautiful dog with a coat to be envied by many. She has given me much joy by always being by my side and not fighting with the cats (maybe because they are actually much bigger than her). No one actually believed that the Phoebe now is the same dog that came in July. She truly has changed.

So for those who are unsure on how to actually treat their dogs for skin problems as well as growing and maintaining quality coat on their dogs, do contact me and we can share our experiences as well as have a great time talking about our pets.

Some people say that it is impossible to be totally in love with a Terrier as they are very noise, constantly yapping at noises that they cannot identify with. It was not the case with me. Phoebe was ever grateful that she is no longer kept in a cage and she made full use of the space available to run and sniff out every corner. She’s a gentle creature who can have a game of hide and seek with Sirius Black or have a quiet nap with Ah Boy.

She listens to me but has the tendency to think that all the soft toys in the house are meant for her. Everyone who meets her says that she a very adorable gal. Her coat is growing well, she has a very good appetite and is very sociable. All and all, a truly remarkable little gal that has changed my life tremendously. I love you Phoebe.

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