Monday, April 16, 2007

MKA All Breed Dog Championship Show, Dec 31st, 2006.

My 1st Penang trip was a very exciting one. On our way to Penang, mom let me sit with her at the driver’s seat so I got a crash course on how to manage the steering – yeah right! Then Aragon could not hold his bladder, so that little brother of mine peed on Aunty Ying’s shirt! Upon reaching Penang, mom drove to Kek Lok Si in search for the famous Assam Laksa then went out to eat leaving we three Silkies in the car with the coconut drink seller as our guardian but since Aragorn was small enough to follow them by sitting prettily in Aunty Ying's bag, he got the chance to tag along—UNFAIR MOM!

We managed to reach our apartment un-detected that night and were later treated to a nice dinner. After a short rest, Aunty Cris bathe both Suki & Misty in the bathtub! What a treat. I was given a treat as well as I got to sleep with mom on the soft hotel bed! Morning came too soon and what a hectic one it was. Mom got up, fed us then immediately took her bath. She then gathered all of us and we made our way to PISA. Aunty Cris settled the hotel’s bill which was rather affordable, RM 150++ for a 3 rooms apartment (Vistana Hotel & Apartments). When we reached PISA, Aunty Valerie was already there grooming Pongo. She had also secured us a space nearby so that we could all chat and mingle with her, Pongo, Rita and Winter. I guess mom was feeling very nervous about handling a dog in her 1st competition as she insisted to groom both Suki and Misty on her own. To start the day, mom asked Aunty Julie to gather her hair in a bun and since we only have CC Strong Hold Hair Spray, Aunty Julie sprayed mom’s hair with it. I can now confidently tell everyone that it is a very good product.

Not only it could hold mom’s unruly hair throughout the day, mom told me that it was also soft to the touch. Mom patted me on the head in between brushing both Suki & Misty as she did not want me to feel left out.

Mom gave them a sinful amount of Ice on Ice spray all over their coat and when she was done, they both look like those glamorous dogs living in Hollywood.

To cut the story short, both Suki and Misty got a lot of fans on that day. People were coming over to our station asking about our grooming secret.

We proudly told them about the CC range of products as well as the secrets of feeding Canidae Holistic dog food.

During the 1st competition, mom was a little bit nervous and Suki did not walk well so Misty took the credit by winning Reserve Best of Breed.

That afternoon, during the 2nd competition, Suki did everyone proud by winning the Best of Breed title.

All of us were feeling very excited and happy with the results. Lots of people came around to congratulate us and I could see that both Aunty Cris and mom were very happy with the result after the hard day's work. Thanks to both Aunty Julie and Aunty Ying for their assistance in looking after Aragorn and me when both Aunty Cris and mom were at the ring showing my buddies, Suki & Misty. Without them both Aunty Cris and mom would not be as confident as they were as they will always be thinking of us as well as the grooming kits left on the table.

Once we were over the excitement, mom asked everyone to pack away all the stuffs and made a second inspection as not to leave anything behind. Since mom has decided to start our drive home early in order to beat the traffic, we immediately started packing and made our way to the car park. Somehow on the way back, Suki must have been feeling a little bit giddy from all the excitement of winning such a title that she vomited on top of Aunty Julie’s shirt. Poor Suki. The drive back was very eventful as we were driving along Rawang when the clock struck 12 midnight and the New Year dawns unto us. Both Aunty Julie and mom were wishing each other happy new year and from the car, we could see the fireworks display probably somewhere at KLCC and Bukit Jalil. With two of my best Silky buddies winning, I personally believe that the year 2007 will bring us more good blessings. Congratulations to both Suki and Misty. You’ve done us proud. Ms Phoebe Cates is very happy to be part of the exciting adventure in Penang and would like to wish everyone a Happy 2007. Posted are a few photos of the other dogs taking part in the competition on that day. Have fun viewing. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from me, Miss Phoebe Cates.

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