Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coping With Loneliness

As I had wrote earlier on my previous entry, life in Melbourne without my "kids" around is pretty lonely. I envy those owners walking their dogs at the park, having a nice stroll under the brilliant sky. The weather here is just right for one to go for walks in the evenings. How I wish Phoebe is here with me so that I can be like one of them. I am also very sure that Phoebe will enjoy parading herself while having fun walking.

Those who know me well, will testify that I am one hell of a chatty person. I am not shy to approach any person to ask for advice, directions or even just to chat. So that was what I did. I simply walked up to any dog owners whom I met along the journey, asked for permission to photograph their dog/s and if they are friendly enough, I will end up having a nice conversation with them. Following are a few of the photos taken so far.

I met this dog and it's owner when we went to Fitzroy Gardens. Owner was listening to his i-pod so intensely so I did not have the chance to ask for the dog's name.

This is Ebony, my brother in law's dog. She is a Black Lab mix and is about 9 - 10 years old. Ebony loves to walk and is protective towards all of us. If a stranger approach us, she will immediately stand on guard, tail stopped wagging and will put herself between the stranger and us. A very loyal dog who deserves a loving pat & hug every now and then.

Old English Sheepdog is just the right breed you need to keep you warm in winter. Forget those electric blanket or heater, they are nothing compared to having an OES lying down beside you sharing your bed at night. I met this dog at a dog show held at Melbourne Showgrounds. It's owner & breeder, Mrs Carole Burke from Frankston told me that it is only 15 months old and yet to reach it's full potential growth. For those interested to own one, contact Carole at

This is Mr James Camac, breeder of Silky Terrier and the man behind Balkana Australian Silky Terrier, a kennel that is widely known in Victoria. he has exported his dogs to NZ, USA and a few other countries that I could not recall. Hopefully one day I can be like him, well known for my Silkies in Malaysia.

I met these dogs and their owner when we were on our road trip to Great Ocean Road with Lina & Jonny. What a marvelous trio they were. Licking and jumping around these three dogs seems to understand that I was in need of some serious dog loving! This was taken at Williamstown Pier.

This is a Poodle mix Golden Retriever called Molly. I met them on our road trip to Great Ocean Road at a place called Torque. Molly is a dog so full of energy we had fun playing catching together.

I met this guy and his dogs when I was out walking Ebony along the Merri Creek. He was in total control of the whole pack it made me wonder whether he was the closest encounter I can get to a "dog whisperer". I just love this picture because the green grass (due to heavenly rainfall the past few days) made the whole scene look so calm and alive.

I met this great Lab at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Albert Park Lake last Sunday. This guy was so loving and adorable, I ended up giving him a whole body massage that lasted abt 20 minutes.

This is Bambi and her owner Pam. Bambi awed me with her brilliant display of agility and obedience at the GSD demo last Sunday. To read more about the RSPCA event, please browse through my blog entries.

I will publish more pictures as I go along travelling. This is definitely a work in progress entry that will always surprise you with little bits and pieces about dogs I met on my travels. As I often said, once a dog lover, I cannot imagine living anywhere without having one by my side. Thank you to all the dog owners whom I met and allowed me to have a lick or two from their dogs. Those wet licks certainly is the best medicine for my loneliness...

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Eternity said...

looking at all the people and dogs you have met, i think it's loneliness no look so happy around all those new "friends"! :)

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