Saturday, June 2, 2007

Suki, Misty & Phoebe

Suki, Misty and Phoebe
Are three lovable Silkies
Always eager to please
Never grumpy, always at ease

Even though Suki is the oldest
By far she is the funniest
Running around playing everyday
She wont stop no matter what we say

Beautiful Misty is Suki's prettiest daughter
Always attentive she fills us with laughter
Two of them as close as ever
Their bond is everlasting, it'll last forever

Tiny Phoebe is their adopted sister
We took her from misery, she deserves better
Although small, she's full of character
A smart little Silky who loves her master

The three babies fill us with warmth & terderness
Without them our lives will be full of sadness
What is life without our babies we often ask at night
Definately one that is meaningless, like darkness without light.

Loving you we will, till the day we die
That is our promise, never will we lie
Show after show, we shall walk together
Winning or losing, it doesn't really matter.

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