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MKA International Dog Show & MKA All Breed Championship Show, June 2007

Saturday, 16th June, 2007 was the day Malaysian Kennel Association had it's 3rd MKA International Dog Show (with attribution of the F.C.I) and was judged by Mr. Aramis Lim from Australia.

On the same day, MKA also organised its' 248th MKA All Breed Championship Show, judged by Mr Chan Weng Woh & Mr Seow Nam Soon, both from Malaysia.

On Sunday, 17th June, 2007, we had the 4th MKA International Dog Show 2007 (also with attribution of the F.C.I), judged by Mrs. Olivia Aguilar de Arozamena (Mexico) and the 249th MKA All Breed Championship Show, judged by Mr. Cristian Petre Stavarache (Romania).

All shows were held at South City Plaza, Sri Kembangan and we were all very excited because it was held at the concourse B and centre concourse area instead at the carpak.

Now, most people would wonder why would MKA organised the same type of shows repetedly for 2 days in a row. Simple. It's because in Malaysia, some companies still operate 1/2 day on Saturdays. Owners who could not make it on Saturday would then have the chance to enter the competitions held on Sunday. Hardcore owners and breeders would register their dogs for both days hoping to make a clean sweep at the titles offered.

As usual, the 3 Silkies were brushed, oiled and brushed again until their coat gleamed and glittered. They somehow knew that they will be parading themselves so they actually stood still for me to complete their grooming. What lovely babies they were.

Suddenly, a friend of mine, a fellow handler approached me with a request to handle a Rottie. That took me by surprise and I was kind of hesitating because I was more comfortable handling small dogs rather than large breeds. My friend then went on about how it would help me with my transition period of being a mere groomer to a more experience dog handler. He also told me that it's better to improve my portfolio by handling different breeds and I should take this chance to handle Regina, the Rottie as she's a very friendly dog. After his long encouragement, I was sold. I asked him for the Rottie and made my way to the large breed handling area so that I could have some time bonding with my new charge, Regina.

Truthfully, she took me by surprise. Regina was one of four imported bitches belonging to Muzaffar and by far the friendliest. She responded very well to my touch, allowing me to massage while I whispered to her. She looked at me with kind warm eyes and just loved all the loving pats I gave her. Somehow, every time we took a picture together, her left eye glittered like burning amber. I don't know when was the exact time I feel in love with her but I did.

Too bad that I did not have the time to really work with her prior to the show. I really have no idea whether she will listen to my commands in the show ring or not. With no time to practise, I was silently praying for a miracle to happen. I was asking for her to co-operate with me, to run when asked, to stand still when required and most importantly, to allow me to open her mouth when it's time to inspect her teeth.

Needless to say, she responded beautifully and I was very happy with the outcome. Out of 4 shows, Regina got 2nd, 3 times. On day 2, she even stacked beautifully for me and did not move her legs until the judge has passed. She ran along side me without much encouragement and stopped when asked. She did not show any aggression, not even the slightest. Last weekend really opened my eyes and heart towards one of the feared breed in Malaysia, the Rottweiler.

To Adrian Tey, thank you very much for approaching me to handle Regina. To you I'm forever grateful as you've open up another passage for me to sail through. Instead of just being a groomer and handler of small breed, you've taught me the ways of handling the larger breeds. To Muzaffar, thank you for trusting me to show Regina through out both Saturday & Sunday. The lessons that she has taught me during these 2 days were the greatest I ever had. She taught me to trust something that normally spark fears in me. With her gentle smile and trusting eyes, I'm now more confident to socialise with not only Rotties but other larger breeds like GSD & Dobermans. If you ever need anyone to assist you in the future with Regina, just give me a call. It will not only be a pleasure but more of a joy to be able to work with her again.

Well, when big things happen, it come in multiples. This was very true last weekend. The same friend asked me to assist him with a couple of Bull Mastiff and since they were still very young and yet to reach their maximum size, I agreed.

Again, I was very surprised at how lovable these large breeds could be. The male, Tiger is a softie and loves to rub himself against me and the female, Isobel, is just the same.

One of the judge, Mr Aramis even commented that I could ride them into the ring instead of running with them. Well, Mr. Aramis was a jovial fellow and we ended up having a few laughs at his jokes. Tiger won 4 CACIP certs during the show and that was impressive.
Both dogs achieved their Malaysian Champion status easily over the weekend. Truly lovable dogs and I look forward to seeing them again in the future and maybe, just maybe have the chance to handle them again in the show ring.

Back to our Silkies. Notti Boy, our adopted male, did not display the level of showmanship required and since he was caged all the time prior to being adopted by us, he could not walk as well as his siters, Suki & Misty.

Nevertheless, Notti was the most well behaved at the holding area as he was either sitting quietly or sleeping peacefully on the grooming table waiting for his turn at the ring. Don't worry Notti, we always believe in giving our best, winning or losing does not matter. You are still our Silky Prince and loved very much.

As for Suki, out of 4 shows that weekend, she won 3 Best of Breed titles. Suki behaved so well, free stacking all the way and walked fast but gracefully despite being 6 years old. She is the Queen and still very proud to show everyone what she is capable of in the show ring.

I simply love the way the look at me intently without moving at all when the judge was passing us by, observing the body posture and alertness. I know that Suki will go on winning more titles to come and will retire being the best in the veteran group in the future.

The only time Suki lost the Best of Breed title, it was to her daughter, Misty. Misty is growing to be a very beautiful female with correct coloring for a Silky. Where Suki has a very light silver blue coat, it was a deep slate blue for Misty.

Misty is still undergoing daily training as she is still too attached to Suki. In the ring, Misty sometimes tend to look back at Suki instead of concentrating on walking steadily to impress the judge. Nevertheless, when she does concerntrate, she is able to hold court on her own, impressing everyone with her poise and physical outlook. Misty achieved her Malaysian Champion title last weekend and will now continue with her daily training in order to dominate the local scene in her class. Where Suki is queen, Misty is our princess. All of our Silkies are free roaming dogs in the house, loved just like a family member.

Our Silkies also won 2 prizes in the Fancy Dress Competition held on Saturday. Both Suki & Notti Boy wore their matching Scottish dress & pants well and received prizes from the main sponsors, Blackwood Pet Food. Unfortunately the photos taken were not so clear thus unable to be published here. Immediately after the show, we had to quickly brush our dogs again to prepare them for the afternoon competition. It was a very hectic weekend but well worth it. See everyone again next month in Ipoh - 14 - 15th July 2007 for another round of fantastic competition.

To Madam Lee, my trusted partner who brought me the joy of handling dogs in the show ring, thank you very much for all the hard work that you put in training them when I was away. Without your dedication and hard work, the Silkies will not be where they are today. Till next month, we at Drunasty Kennel, bid everyone adieu and happiness always.

Other dogs that were there participating were:

And many more whose pictures did not turn out so well and for that we are very sorry, we could not put up your photos together with this post.

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