Friday, May 18, 2007

Sherry & Sox - Sheredyn L.

My eldest niece, Sherry has grown from a chubby little gal to a beautiful young lady. She has got the best features from both parents (Aussie dad & Chinese mom) that made her look so refreshing and exotic at the same time.

For a young lady of 12 yrs old, she is tall (yup, already taller than me mind you) and has yet to reach her fullest potential. Back in Malaysia, Sherry would be a possible candidate for Miss Malaysia - truly, no joke! Like all teenager, Sherry loves everything pretty, nice and very into discovering the secrets of make up. By the way she's experimenting with them, I would certainly be taking lessons from her soon.

Sherry, from what I heard, is not only smart in school, she's also very into sports. two years ago, she represented her school in the erobics dance competition and now very much into swimming and netball. Go Sherry! I was also a netballer myself having represented my school as well as distric in many competitions when I was young. Sherry too loves animals and Renee, her mom, has recently bought a puppy for the kids to look after but Sherry claimed it to be hers.. hmmm, she does possess that special bond that enable someone to have a close understanding with an animal. I know this because I've been observing her with the pup. She truly cared about it and was secretly feeding it pieces of meat from the lunch spread when the rest of the kids were busy playing. Very much like me.... If she still continue to have strong interest in animals, I'm tempted to teach her about dog handling in the show ring, something that was taught to me by my close friend, Cris. With her strong confidance coupled with determination to win, she can easily become a good handler in a couple of months. Oh well, this is just something that I thought would be good for her but I have not ask for her opinion. Maybe I should just relax and observe her more before I mention about it to her... hmmm

I managed to snap a few photos of Sherry and Sox, a puppy of mixed breed (Cavelier King Charles + Tibetan Spaniel, two breeds that I love to have as they are simply adorable) a few days ago. I think that they are great shots and would like you to have a look as well and judge for yourselves.

To me, both of them look simply gorgeous.... what do you think?

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